Treatment Services

Once we have learned as much as we can about your individual situation, we work with you to design a personalized treatment plan. Whenever possible, we like to collaborate and coordinate with the rest of your treatment team which can include your physician, physical or occupational therapist, vocational rehabilitation counselor, or other mental health providers. As a result of our treatment protocols and focus on problem-solving, mood stabilization, and skill-building, the treatment periods are typically somewhat briefer than other forms of psychotherapy.

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Individual Treatment

We use individual psychotherapy to help stabilize mood and deal with factors that would otherwise hinder functional rehabilitaiton.  There several medical psychologists on staff to manage medication issues, and we work closely as a team to assure efficient care.

Chronic Pain Groups

Whenever possibe, we try to use psychoeducational pain groups as the primary treatment method for building pain coping skills. Most of us are very familiar with how to handle acute injuries like a broken bone or a muscle strain, but no one has shown us how to manage chronic problems like failed-back syndrome, CRPS, lupus, trigeminal neuralgia or other extended illnesses.  Our weekly 12-session educational groups provide a basic roadmap for how to cope with the most common issues associated with chronic health problems.  Topics covered include:
  1. Acute vs. Chronic Pain
  2. Stress Management
  3. Thinking About Pain
  4. Psychological Aspects of the Gate Control Theory
  5. Depression
  6. Depression Management
  7. Pain Behavior
  8. Assertiveness
  9. Understanding Your Treatment Plan
  10. Pacing
  11. Sleep
  12. Pulling it all together
To learn more about our chronic pain management groups, call 504-780-1702.